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Halloween's Missions!

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What is Halloween without magic and dreadful monsters?

That is why we have a bunch of special missions for you.

The main one is  ”FrankenFish Hunt”. But you need to complete them all!


Rumor has it, there’s a abominable monster-fish that will devour anything alive, even humans! The only opportunity to summon and hunt it down is during this year’s Halloween festivities. Head over to San Joaquin, find the island with the Witching Cauldron and deal with the vile Frankenfish!

The second one is -"Get the Book!"


To complete this mission you need to find an ancient magic book and choose that one potion that will help you to summon the Frankenfish. Head over to Quankchin Lake and catch all of the wicked witch’s pets Catfish at midnight using special Halloween baits to retrieve the magic book!

“Potion of Summoning”


You’re in for a real scavenger hunt and plenty of fishing adventures to collect all of the necessary items for brewing the Frankenfish Summoning potion! Find the Witching Cauldron on San Joaquin and put all of the magic ingredients according to the Witching Recipe Book at the Cauldron!

In next missions you need to collect all the ingredients for the summon potion:

“Bunch of Mandrake Roots”


Wait for nightfall and head over to Falcon Lake in the mountainous region of Oregon to find these mythical plants that will glow in the dark!

“Jar of Fish Eyes”


The second ingredient of the Summoning Potion is Fish Eyes taken from a Bowfin that was caught after midnight using Roaches as bait! This is Frankenfish’s favorite snack and will definitely get his attentions.

“Skeleton Tail”


Let’s start with the Skeleton Bluegill by getting its tail! Catch these fishy Skeletons only in special power places during night time, each corresponding a certain planet.

“Ghost Essence”


You should put you soul into everything you do, particularly if you’re brewing a magic summoning potion! However, in this case, the Witching Book means literally adding some Ghost Pike essence! Catch enough of these fishy spooks during night time to gather a sufficient amount of their ethereal essence and attract the Frankenfish!

“Green Ogre Scale”


The summoning potion should be colored in a very sparkly shade of green. You’ll need to add plenty of green fish scales taken from the most fierce and hard-to-catch Gar in Neherrin River.

“Albino Yeti Gills”


Catching a monster fish is quite a task. But catching an albino monster fish is even a bigger challenge! Head on over to Everglades night for your next magic ingredient and get some gills from Albino Yeti.

“Black Vampire Fin”


Now, the recipe says that you must add the fins of blood-sucking monsters! It’s a good thing that Black Vampire Gars were recently spotted in Louisiana. Of course, you can only catch them during night time at Quanchkin.

Good Luck to all brave anglers who will try to catch the Frankenfish!

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