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Italy. The Tiber. Part 2

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In its first iteration, our waterway will feature 3 locations. However, considering its large size, we have plans for doubling this number in the future.

Location 1. Twisty Tiber


This is an amazing place for all types of fishing. This particular location is the spot where World Feeder Championship was held in 2011. Here, high earthen banks gradually descend into the river, with a only a few trees growing not far from the waterline and otherwise surrounded by vast farm fields and beautiful valleys. Target non-predatory fish: European Carp, Common Barbel and Crucian Carp.

Target spinning fish: Asp.

Location 2. Float & Feeder Heaven



The perfect spot for feeder and float fishing. This is the deepest of all locations, with slow moving water. A little dam makes Tiber flow wider in this area, forming a small water reservoir. The place is located right next to an old vineyard atop green hills.

Target fish: European Carp and Wels Catfish.

Location 3. Tiber Rocks!



Just a short way downstream from the dam, where Tiber’s streamflow is braided, is yet another fishing spot. Great place for catching Trout with a spinning. This is the most shallow location of all, with fast current and depth of about 3 m (10ft). Many small islands and rocky ridges come into view.

Target fish: Brown Trout, Grayling and Riverine Brown Trout.

This was probably the easiest pick of all. Tiber is such a famous river and this particular area is so well-known for hosting major fishing events, that choosing it as a Fishing Planet waterway was a no-brainer for us!


Stay tuned and we’ll tell you lot’s more..

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