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8lb gear maximum XP at any level


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Tip.. use 8 lb setup whenever possible as you will not take an XP hit no matter where you fish. Unfortunately you can’t use 8lb gear everywhere but if you equip a featherlight 7 with a calisto mg and put 8lb test on you can go to Lone star, Mudwater, Emerald, Falcon, and the Everglades without issues maximizing your XP. Would recommend getting the Jigwinner 8’10” if you want to fish the Everglades and can still use the calisto level 13 reel or any of the prima reels with max drag up to 9.9 with the prima reel at 9.9 max drag equipped with a jigwinner 8’10” and 8lb line you will have the ultimate setup for maximizing XP and able to get even bigger fish including 20 pound red drums and snooks as well as a unique largemouth because the jigwinner has 13 lb max so the rod will do the work and you still have 8 lb test and a drag over 8lbs making the setup perfect. The setup guideline that I advise following is the rod is the strongest then the reel then the line. Tip is always use a reel with 9.9 max drag or less up until 8.1. I believe 8.8 is the common 8lb drag range. Try going to lone star and catch some spotted bass on the level 3- 4 casting spoons or level 7 narrow spoons and you will see no XP hit on fish. Hope this helps a lot of you as it can save you a lot of money purchasing gear and leveling up much faster. Please comment.

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