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Feeder Fishing news. Part 1.

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Hey, angling friends!


Today we’ll give you a little insight into the captivating world of feeder fishing and tell you about this very popular technique, widely practiced and much loved by anglers worldwide!

Feeder fishing was originally invented in Great Britain - a nation with an immense history of fishing, and one that particularly enjoys this sporty pastime.

Two things make feeder fishing different from all other methods: the use of feeders instead of simple traditional bait (that’s where it gets its name from) and the use of special fishing rods with a soft, sensitive quiver tip.

The quiver tip’s sensitivity shows the rod’s “test”, usually measured in ounces or grams. The right “test” depends on the fishing conditions and target fish that you plan to catch. If properly chosen, this parameter should allow identifying even the slightest fish bites in any conditions. Enjoy your feeder experience with Fishing Planet and tight lines!

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