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Multi-Rod Fishing

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The coolest thing about bottom fishing is the possibility of using different rods simultaneously! That’s what makes so many anglers hyped about this way of fishing, and that’s exactly what we are currently working on!;) 

Once the whole Multi-rod feature is introduced to the game,  we’ll also be adding new fishing equipment, namely the Rod Holders, that will let you catch fish using multiple rods at the same time!

At first, we plan to add about 7 different kinds of Rod Holders, that will mostly differ by their rod capacity, being capable of holding from 1 to 4 rods each. This means that the player will get a chance to take one Rod Holder on a fishing trip and use it by setting up in any convenient location, as well as adjusting its direction and height. We also plan to add the possibility of taking multiple Rod Holders with a capacity for 1 rod, so that you could set them up in different locations. Certain rod holder models will even have a Bite Signal feature installed.

Aside from this, we’ll also be adding stationary rod holders on some of the waterways that will be available for all anglers to use. 
When all the functionalities related to bottom fishing and rod holders are introduced to the game, the players will be able to fish using various lures and baits simultaneously, which should drastically change everyone’s attitude to float and bottom-fishing rigs!

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