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Feeder Fishing news. Part 2


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The feeder is usually filled with a special feeder mix made out of many components to attract the fish. By casting the feeder repeatedly in the same spot, it creates a so-called “chum spot” that builds up the feed and attracts the fish, resulting in much more frequent bites and bigger catches!

Before you start feeding fish it’s important to study the bottom terrain and look for areas with higher fish activity and then prepare the feeder bait. Time after time, by filling up the feeder and recasting it to the same chosen spot, you’ll be able to attract a whole school of fish. The length of the hooklink can be adjusted by securing the line to stop it from running, but one must be careful not to lose the hookbait when making a powerful cast. 

You can feeder fish by holding the rod in hand or use special rod stands that will let you make multiple casts using a number of rods simultaneously. The rod’s flexible quiver tip swill shows even a slight fish bite while using an alarm bell is a sure way no to miss it. With some practice and proper effort, this method should definitely pay off, rewarding the angler with a hefty catch!

Сhum  will work almost anywhere, but this method is most popular in Europe, where there the “white”, no-predatory fish are more abundant. Crucian Carp, Bream, Tench, Common Carp, and many other related species are you most likely catch when feeder fishing!

Enjoy your feeder experience with Fishing Planet and tight lines!

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здравствуйте разработчики Fishing Planet вот моё предложение для донок допустим стоит 4 фидера слоты
1 2 3 и 4 создаём такую ситуацию допустим отошёл или подошёл к другу ты не услышишь своей поклёвки смотрите
скриншот если клюёт на первый фидер то горит зелёный или мигает если рыба засеклась и можно уже вытаскивать
горит красным или мигает все эти номера привязать к номерам в рюкзаке так вы сделаете для игроков на
много удобней наверно со мной согласятся 99% игроков за ранее спасибо за просмотр


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