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Feeding: Part 1

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Hey, anglers! Today we’ll take a closer look at one of the key element of feeder fishing, namely, Feeding.

Feeding implies “providing food” for a certain areas of a waterway to attract bottom fish and keep them in that area. In this DevBlog entry we’ll tell you all about how the Feeding system functions as a feature within the game.

How Feeding works.

The chum that you use to feed the selected feed area can have different properties depending on the components used to prepare it. In the game, you can use either basic groundbait mixes by simply adding some water or make your own unique chum by using different components and additives. Either way, the efficiency of your chum will directly depend on the components as well as the conditions in which you plan to use it.

You can prepare the chum mix only when you are already at a waterway, because it stays fresh only for a limited in-game period of time and should be used within the time limits shown on a special indicator in your inventory. Separate packed components and particle mixes, on the other hand, have no expiration date.

Besides, ready-made chum is very inconvenient in terms of transportation. That’s why once you leave the waterway, all the leftovers remaining from your prepared chum will be automatically disposed of.

To start Feeding the fish, you must place the chum into a feeder and cast it to the desired spot.

You can find more info about feeders in this DevBlog entry:

Once in the water, the chum begins to spread from the feeder, depending on its components, the type of the feeder you are using and the speed of flow. By seeping from the feeder, the chum creates so-called “Feeding spots” or “feed area” that attract bottom fish to the area.

Of course, many factors should be taken into account in order to make the Feeding most effective. You should consider the bottom terrain, time of day, weather conditions, temperature, speed of current, components used for making the chum and what fish they will attract and even the amount of chum you need to distribute in the given area.

It is important to keep in mind that even the most efficient and abundant Feeding won’t help you get many bites, if the feed area is initially devoid of fish. That’s why it’s always important to explore and study the waterway to select the areas with abundant fish activity.

At this stage, the only way of Feeding in the game will be with the help of feeders. In the future, however, we will most likely be adding other methods, like tossing the chum by hand. But it is too early to talk about at the moment.

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