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[PS4] Fishing Planet 2.0: Euro Update Patch Note

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Hey, dear friends! It’s been another great year full of angling excitement with Fishing Planet. We are happy to present you an awesome update full of new cool features and amazing new content!

New region added - global map is now a globe


We’re finally adding a completely new region of the world to Fishing Planet - Europe! Now you’ll be able to enjoy fishing on new European waterways, complete with their own unique vibe, scenic surroundings, beautiful nature and all the realistic details inherent to the region!
The global map is now represented as a 3D globe.

Five new waterways

The first iteration of the new waterways includes 5 new rivers and lakes of the European region.

  • small and charming Lesni Vila pond of the Czech Republic

  • hIFRRBsk1F4JIpCH0iDckm06gjn_3Wfo1YGtAcfgRS8DRcm4q5y6bH9x8LB-XJOJLYZFfRuJ3zcpXJeG

  • urbanistic drive of Ghent–Terneuzen Canal in the Netherlands

  • -XKUrG4zOeoltfrIp5Peq377UjXFDeKl0y0IKYVRa7D14cD0BK7uE9ajv4ktxgLQ2UbMQ3WAN8vG3C7m

  • exquisitely Italian and picturesque Tiber, third-longest river in Italy

  • L6c0VuG2sazPZcIciNaSDCF10rHy8cgrPPcKSzmqEOjMm5np_dYWzuOViM0lbtPaXQn-EUfBfidz_GeW

  • big and beautiful Sander Baggersee Lake in Germany

  • AvTdH7ctBDjtF4ySa4wT0UgUjb5tTgAdvEblkMU8BbjnDawAJWvUg_8YwmCizfBTX8fe-Nlr6zRIppEx

  • Authentic Akhtuba River in Russia

  • 456I6jYC0r3o6vmPZBzMCrBKn5bn-yht08Y8WbyA0EMK1kPAQOuhap5WYVgOutlXmR7rvWFSFP4-hNZH


37 NEW Fish Species for you to catch! Including:

7LLHl72MHQ3VJ6KLbXyVfICKjYoNgIYK_QdD7BHnBream, oGeBXKSVSFJxL8RpwYMoa-OX4lPtzdkti4lOeTHtTench, -GgHbt8gVujeLxWKF7qb__1tq-4CRGRE10Iz9A8iRoach, T4vfQ0p-vT01PVLMg4aQFs1XTNqnKr8-AIqWIMV3Zander, C3rEUFasU916-X4_5YUQozUklEKmUEaooFM5PwKJCrucian Carp, T0b3NvXWYC7DdP_lvJQRdUIs6xyilQq1izeBXIOQIde, IxjOajcx9xX2HZUnu9ilJAfqcRafIYU_xjR-6yfgAsp, GnqOBUUvsm-u_oOHFRCbVKqfo7Y6KGrUb-TAFkSIEuropean Eel, FqCjCPMSTPEAY6mtktUCCweeM68qW-KiUN7NUNYJGrayling, dYItBsVH57UWnQO05H8BWH-brEA8NYcaVmpUwyobSterlet, x0ZlDriKvYNEOvuMrqEewYijrYxhO7rZG7ORwyo3Marble Trout, 1_8zG0rNdHENw0yheTTW-40OUQqh89x3KEIDZ48QBarbel, jTHPKZPh2WJYtHCaJ9P8jm0orBH-zgxLxZYBARZdRound Goby, FamcvYs-ktCNzHIuBFuHYeKBaTISySEGMAwkyEIhMirror Carp and 8IxMTH3ZZNoPCG2XCIIFQYT4AuUptjtI90UJoeAHLeather Carp and dozens more!


This update also includes few fish giants that will get on nerves of even hardcore anglers. No one can remain indifferent in the face of 60 kg Wels Catfish and Beluga.



New fish generation system and AI

We have revised and reworked the fish generation system and AI to make it more realistic:

  • Less specific fish distribution range.
  • More flexible bite charts
  • Codependency within the fish ecosystem in the waterway.
  • Support of the movement of fish schools.
  • Consideration of interrelation between different species of coarse fish.
  • More complex dependency of bites on the weather conditions.
  • Water temperature indicator added
  • Effect of chum on fish bites.

At the moment, this new system is functioning only on the newly added waterways but will be implemented on all existing fishing destinations in the nearest future.

  • Lake Sturgeon is back on Michigan 
  • White Sturgeon sizes on California increased

Bottom fishing and Feeder fishing


We have added bottom fishing, including feeder fishing, to the game to enrich your angling experience.

You can catch fish by holding the rod in hand or use special rod stands that will let you make multiple casts using a number of rods simultaneously. The rod’s flexible quiver tip will show even a slight fish bite while using an alarm bell is a sure way no to miss it.

Fishing with feeder tackle will work almost anywhere, but this method is most popular in Europe, where there the “white”, no-predatory fish are more abundant. Crucian Carp, Bream, Tench, Common Carp, Common Barbel and many other related species are you most likely catch when feeder fishing!

Fish feeding and chum



Another long-awaited feature coming in this update is fish feeding and chums!

How Feeding works: feeding implies “providing food” for certain areas of a waterway to attract fish and keep them in that area. You just load some chum into the feeder and cast it to the desired spots. Once in the water, the chum begins to spread from the feeder over time, creating feed areas that attract fish. To maintain the high-density feed area it’s always a good idea to make repeated casts in the same spot once in a while.

Consider that various factors like the water temperature, flow direction, and speed as well as the chum composition and many others affect feed area to create a realistic feel of the process.

Making your own chum


  • Basic Mixing: you just add water to a groundbait of your choice and literally create a basic mix with a single click

  • Advanced Mixing: combine various ingredients (groundbait , different chum aromas and some particles)  in high precision proportions to create a unique recipe that will fit your needs


Keep in mind: the right chum, when used in the right places and conditions will not only increase your fish bites but will attract more diverse and rare fish to the feed area.

There is a separate Chum slot in the inventory for all the chum ingredients: groundbaits, different chum aromas, and some particles. Also, you can save the recipe for all mixed chums.


Multirods support



The coolest thing about bottom fishing is the possibility of using different rods simultaneously!

From now on, you’ll no longer need to constantly switch between rods and baits, making the frustrating choice of what fish to catch first and what tackle to use. The multi-rod function will double your chances of a catch and let you enjoy a variety of fish hunting options!


We have added new fishing equipment - the Rod Stands, that will let you catch fish using multiple rods at the same time! In this update we added 10+ different kinds of Rod Stands, that mostly differ by bite alarms and their rod capacity, being capable of holding from 1 to 4 rods each. Please note, you can take only one type of rod stands to the waterway.

Bottom Fishing Tackle

A lot of new tackle has been added to the game for you fully enjoy new types of fishing. This includes bottom rods, feeder rods, new reels, line leaders, open and closed feeder, bells, sinkers, and new small hooks, new strong lines (mono, fluoro and braid), new super heavy casting rods and reels.



Tackle Setup updated


Now you can assemble bottom fishing and feeder setup in addition to existing spinning and float setups. Also, note that rod setup and character outfit setup are now done in different tabs.

New Competitions

We have added new competitions on all of the new waterways.

Lesni Villa:

  • Catch em' all



  • Gentle Barbel,


  • Spin the Salmon,


  • One of us, Two of Asp



  • Zander Zeek Differences,


  • Ideal accuracy,


  • Scores from the bottom,


Sander Baggersee:

  • Dream Bream Hunt,


  • Big HeadHunters,


  • Danger in the grass,


  • Teenies in the night.



  • Roach Rider


  • Party of Five


  • Ide, Huuuge Ide


New Achievements

Make sure to complete the following new achievements on the new and existing waterways to get some cool rewards:

  • Lesni Vila Watcher,
  • Zeekanaal Buccaneer,
  • Tiber Wayfarer
  • Sander Baggersee Camper,
  • Lesni Vila Refiner,
  • Zeekanaal Purifier,
  • Tiber Junk Scavenger,
  • Sander Baggersee Cleaner,  
  • Decontaminator,
  • All you need is lure,
  • Holy Float, Bream Master,
  • Predator Carp Master,
  • Sturgeon Master,
  • Roach Master,
  • Lesni Villa Idol,
  • Zeekanaal Top Dog,
  • Tiber Honcho,
  • Sander Baggersee Knight,
  • Lone Star Cleaner,
  • Mudwater Junk Collector,
  • Emerald Junk Catcher,
  • Rocky Lake Cleanser,
  • Neherrin Eco Friend,
  • Falcon Junk Hunter,
  • Everglades Sweeper,
  • White Moose Janitor,
  • Quanchkin Junker,
  • Saint-Croix Purifier,
  • San Joaquin Cleanser,
  • Kaniq Creek Sanitizer,
  • Lesni Vila Refiner,
  • Zeekanaal Purifier.
  • Ahtuba Vagrant
  • Ahtuba Patron
  • Ahtuba Junk Explorer

Level Cap changed

Due to the addition of the new waterways, XP requirements between levels have been changed and all waterways balance has been revised.
Level Cap has been raised from 40 to 50.

New level XP requirements and waterways rebalance

Due to the addition of the new waterways, XP requirements between levels have been changed and all waterways balance has been revised. Travel cost has been reduced for some of the existing waterways.  XP points have been divided into two parts: Level XP points and Rank XP points. All Rank XP points have been separated from Level XP and frozen together with the ranks. You can continue earning them once you reach the new level cap of level 50. On the Leaderboard you can now see both Level and Rank, XP points are summarized to determine player's position on it. You can check your Rank XP in the updated Profile Tab.


  • New HUD indicators (chum, bottom type, quiver tip)
  • Water temperature indicator added
  • Updated UI
  • Inventory and local map optimization
  • Travel panel UI changed
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