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Are ps4 player getting ripped off!?!

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Hi guys, 

Not sure if anyone else have noticrd this but its kind of a bummer. 

We have had numerous descussions about people saying they want to buy dlcs but bug need to be fixes ect. Thats not what this post is about. 

This is about the steam community that have way lower pricing for their dlcs. 

Here is a list of examples. 

Steam lucky start pack. ZAR109. 00/$9.99

Ps4 lucky start pack. ZAR 149.00/$9.99

Steam monster midnight pack. ZAR139. 00/$12.99

PS4 monster midnight pack. ZAR239.00/$14.99

Steam pro sport bundle. ZAR192. 00/$17.44

PS4 pro sport bundle pack. ZAR289. 00/$17.44

But with the sport bundle, if you buy them loose on steam they go for /$1.99 and on ps4 they are 4.99 and it makes quite a difference. 

This is just a few that differ and not to mention the vast amount of dlcs that are available on steam that ps4 doesnt have

Any one to explain why there is a price difference between the 2 platforms.?

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