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Welcome to the Kingdom of the Netherlands! The Dutch are perhaps the luckiest people in all of Europe, living among some of the most beautiful natural landscapes you could ever imagine!
And yet, to utter surprise of any ordinary tourist, a true angling spirit would choose the highly industrialized urban mystique of the man-made Ghent–Terneuzen Canal, preferring it as a primary attraction among all the oasis-like natural tranquility. And no wonder. Constructed in the beginning of 19th century, the Ghent–Terneuzen Canal nowadays runs 660 ft wide and 20 mi long, while serving as a navigable passage for large vessels between the Dutch port of Terneuzen and the city of Ghent in Belgium. But what’s most interesting is the variety of fish inhabiting these deep murky waters: from Common Bream and European Flounder to Thicklip Grey Mullet, Ide and European Eel...just to name a few! No wonder this waterway is among the country’s main attractions for avid feeder and float anglers!

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