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Q&A With the Dev Team! #3

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Yet another Q&A With the Dev Team!

We are continuing our series of posts with players and the Dev Team!
The rules are the same as always. We will pick out 10 of the most interesting questions that you have sent us and answer them in a post next week!

Write your question down below in the comments section!

PS: Questions must be submitted before 16th of Nov. 11PM (CET).

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Fishing Planet is a super Fishing simulation. In fact, it’s the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve played these games since HOT-B The Black Bass on NES. I’m also an avid freshwater and saltwater angler in “real life.” That said, thank you for creating such an amazing product. I️ will be playing this for a very very long time!

My question is: Will it be possible at some point to have different angles of the anglers with fish. In particular, I’ve always found it neat how in some of the old classic games like Sega Bass Fishing or Sega Marine Fishing, after catching the fish, the camera angle turns (albeit automatically, see attached photo) so that you can see a fish’s profile and size against the angler (the angles also make for amazing visuals). Some of the big fish in Fishing Planet are stunning but the angles are a bit limited. For example I’ve seen YouTube videos of giant Alligator Gar in the simulation but usually the visuals only allow for sections of the body to be seen at a time and not the fish in its entirety. Sorry if the inquiry is petty or not resolvable - just thought I’d throw it out there. Either way, yes or no, no worries I️ will continue playing this wonderful game! Your game will make winter go by so very quickly!



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I would like to add some things to the game.


I have several ideas that from my point of view would be interesting and give the game much more playability and followers.

1.- Fishing on the coast has several methods of fishing such as that does not appear in the game and therefore you have to put it, Spinning and Float if they are but lack a fixed rod that does not carry a reel and is used for fishing from rocks.

Examples Surfcasting.



Examples fishing from rock.


without reel

2.-The second would be to leave the various rods in a fixed point apolladas this use has always been used in rivers and lakes as in fishing from the coast, usually leave the rods are stacked while doing a little spinning left some examples.

the coast



the river



Thank you in advance for your time and I hope to have a response from the development team soon.

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