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After 2 - 3 days in Michigan the game lags every 10 seconds. I used a rodpod with 3 rods and traveled with a boat to the Island.

I played solo on PS4 normal and I am very sure it isnt the Internet. Fps drops are a big problem while u throw.

Pls fix the game stability and dont forget to fix this bug in the next Patch.


Edit: Day 4 the rod with bobber has maybe 10 fps all the time and feeder and bottom lag only every 10 seconds. I think the lags increase every day.

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I’m actually unable to play with more than 1 rod, soon as the second rod comes out it just freezes up and if even try to carry on with it I get booted from the server. I haven’t tried playing solo yet as I’m always playing with my brother but its funny coz I have a PS4 pro and get this issue but my brothers original PS4 is fine with it. Thankfully I’m enjoying fishing on the Tiber so much I’m not that botherd, but as UK carp angler who fishes with two rods normally it would be nice to fish how i would. Hopefully it will get sorted in an update.

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