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North Carolina or Florida


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I am done with New York (Emerald Lake).

So now I want to go to different place but I am kinda confused on where to go? I don't have bigger stringer or keepnet and also want to make some quick cash to buy higher gear. 

What I have now as follows:-

1. Jig winner 8"10'

2. Omni Float (forgot the size) 

3. Stringer 44lbs (Max 13lb) 

4. Reel - wincast 2500 & Primary 3500

Do I need bigger gear for those particular lakes or I am OK. 

Please suggest me place and what species to look for particular. 

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I'd suggest heading to NC until you've got heavier gear. Read through this post on how to make some good money in NC.



Here's another post I made on rigs. I'd suggest going for the Aurora 8'2" instead of the Jigwinner. It can cast more weight, but is in the same range as the jigwinnner, even though it's a lower level.



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