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Channel Cats on Lonestar Lake


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Select the rod you wish to use, equip a float (get a chubby from the home shop), a No #6 hook and a Grasshopper (use worms if hoppers are not available yet) and set the depth to as close to the bottom as possible (something like 180 cm, 71 in, or Max depth).  Channel Cats prefer to hang around in the deeper water, check your map for where this is and fish there. Good luck.


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8 hours ago, Murphy338 said:

I know what the preferred baits are for channels. On Lonestar, what depth do I need to set the bobber at and what hooks do you guys use?

Free feeder rods dlc in PS store - see SaboScs thread I bumped earlier. Search - fishing planet starter bundle. These will help you drag across the bottom for cats. Cats eat all kinds of things, check bait details for specifics. Good luck.

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