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A question to the comunity and also to the devs regarding the volga zander and how it seems to spawn in any of its given positions. Firstly id like to start with what iv noticed and that is while finding spots as is with most fish seems quite easy, howether it was by far the hardest uni for me to catch so far only catching 3 unis in total. Commons in most spots usualy i get 2-3 but then when i catch a trophy only 1 trophy per spot at the time then no more and no uni regardless. If i catch the uni i would have no trophy in that spot.

So my question first to the comunity is this....

Does anybody get the same results with that fish or has anybody had a trophy and a uni in the exact same spot and time (not day 1 then day 2) same day?

And now my question for the devs...

Is this intentionally how the volga has been set to spawn or have you perhaps accidently common catches like trophies and trophies like uniques?

Just seems odd that such a small fish seems so rare to catch when most others are so easy especially there bigger counterpart european zander 10 uni spots and still counting. A challenge is always fun and if intentional i have no problems with it remaining this way but would be nice to hear your veiws on it

Update: just got another uni second cast, damn you fp😂 are you testing me... same applies with topic oviously a lucky catch

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1 minute ago, Carpman99 said:

I was fishing a early morning peak (say 3-5am) and got quite a few trophies among the commons before a Uni showed up. Right place, right time and right weather I spose. It did take quite some time.

Yeh maybe more activity throught night time. The only 1 thing is you play pc not ps4 correct? I mean nothing by it it just seems like pc alot more activity in them from streams iv veiwed during day time. I have many spots for many fish and know where and when in some cases to go like strait after i got uni i moved further down to another spot where i had also caught uni and same thing again trophy zander then trophy volga then only 1 common volga there after if you see where im going with this. Finding fish is no issue i have 5-10 uni spots for almost every euro fish so far which i can go to regular all different times weather etc but these volga just seem like no other fish. I caught the trophy alaska blackfish easyer than the volga. Thank you for your coment though i will be testing next time i go to russia as iv just left there.

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2 hours ago, Carpman99 said:

Yes, PC.

The place I was fishing from was the

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Kayak departure lounge (dock)

Dont read if you dont want to know where. Good luck with your testing!

I will gladly read thank you yes 1 spot iv had a uni from also further left and further right and at back of hole when you come out of the stream area forget the name of peg i have had trophies it seems the volgas tend to sit close from holes to pritty much your feet in most locations but will defo be testing eary hours of morning to see if they become more consistant than they do in the daytime

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