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"Follow Achievement" Feature

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Hey guys,

a friend of mine tried to get the Angling Machine III achievement yesterday, and we thought it'd be awesome if there was an option to "follow" specific achievements that you're working on, and have the progress displayed in-game. Because as of now, you always have to open the menu and go to your profile to check your progress.

With the Angling Machine achievement it's especially useful - just to get an idea if you're doing things right. But it would be useful for the other achievements, too. Like catch X fish of a specific species, travel x metres with your kajak, etc.

I guess the GUI stuff is already in the game from the missions update, so we're already halfway there 😉 Maybe you can consider this for one of the future updates.

I did a little mockup for clarification. But the screenshot is in no way related to the achievement. (I can already hear the guys screaming "don't try this with carp!!1" 😄)

Thanks in advance.


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