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[Steam] and [PS4] Largemouth Bass April Cup

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This April hone your fishing skills and get your bragging rights certified by taking part in our Largemouth Bass April Cup! 
Register in this thrilling Tournament and prove yourself to be the very best at catching the most popular and sought after game fish in North America! Yep, these aggressive monsters are definitely among the biggest in the sport and getting an official title of Largemouth Bass Fishing Champion is glorious indeed, my friend! 
Largemouth Bass April Cup promises to be a magnificent fishing battle encompassing 2 thrilling Qualifiers that’ll enable 60 best anglers to further compete in the Tournament’s Semifinal Round and get entitled among the 20 best to honorably fight in the triumphant Grand Finale for the Largemouth Bass Championship title! 
Largemouth Bass April Cup will be held April 17th through April 21th, with the Registration starting on April 16th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

17th of April - Qualifier 1 on Mudwater River in Missouri.
18th of April - Qualifier 2 on Neherrin River in the fine state of North Carolina.
20st of April - Semifinal Round on the swampy Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana.
2nd of April - Grand Finale on Florida’s Everglades.

Only for the duration of the tournament you can get special tour pack
Largemouth Bass April Pack!

 Steam    American PSN Store   European PSN Store



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