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Questions & Answers #3

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Do you have plans for future feature for kayaks? Like stand-up position?
We have only just began our work on the kayak feature, so you guys are definitely in for cool updates. Overall we plan to implement rod holders and trolling as well as an option to use multiple rods simultaneously.

Will we ever get a topographical map of the waterways showing bottom features and structures with a waypoint / note pad added to it?
Yes, the next big feature that we are currently working on and will eventually add to the game are the new topographical maps with indication of bottom relief, depth and fish habitats as well as the option of leaving your own personal marks on the map. So keep track of the news and prepare for cool new updates;)

What are some fish species that are coming to Fishing Planet in the future?
New fish will be added to the european waterways. And we’re talking about over 30 new and unique species that are typical for the european region. 

Can you implement a compass on the screen to know which direction you are facing?
Soon enough we’ll add a compass, indicators of wind and current, water temperature and other meteorological data. But that’s gonna happen once we implement the new waterway maps, right after adding sonars and fishfinders. 

What are your plans for players who have reached level 40? Raise the level cap maybe? The game needs longevity.
At this moment, players who’ve reached level 40 can keep getting more experience and ranking. But of course we understand that these players want more and so, we’re thinking about adding new high-end content. 

Do you plan to expand the character customization functionality? Obviously, it’s not that important in a fishing game, but still… 
Yes, we definitely plan to enhance the character customization and add more variety for the clothing option. At the moment, however, our team is mostly focused on matters that have to do directly with the fishing process. 

Are there going to be any discounts for DLCs on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?
Definitely yes. Quite soon we’ll be launching our Autumn Sale, which means you’ll be able to get our exclusive tackle packs with a huge discount! So keep track of the news and don’t miss this unique chance:) 

How about some cool polarized sunglasses to see into the water a little better? Might be a thought for the 40+ level guys to earn somehow!
Sunglasses were a part of the game’s initial plan, right from day one. This feature will be added eventually, however not in the nearest time. 

Are you planning to expand the possibilities for interaction between players in the game?
Once we add the Team functionality to the game and the option of creating Clubs becomes available, players will gain access to new social interactions that will include group travel, fishing together from one boat (co-angling) and other possibilities. 

Do you plan to add locations that are accessible only from a boat? It would be cool to have a fishing spot somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean with sailboats and some tuna fish! 
In the nearest future we will be adding only freshwater fishing destinations. We do however plan to substantially increase their size so that you can have more space to explore and look around for perfect fishing spots.  

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Man I really like the direction you guys wanna take but let's be serious, the kayaks took upwards of what 5 years for the pc? Is this like a 20 year plan? I mean I'm on PS4 and still can't night fish. I do love your game though and really really wanna see all this cool stuff implemented so I'm sticking out for the long haul and am putting my faith in to you guys!

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