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Hi, i want to be tester


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Hi my name is Jiri im from Czech Republic im 19 years old and i have lots of time for fishing-in game and in real life. I love this game very much, i want to be part of it. I want to test new thing, finding bugs, and helping the community. is any possibility to get money and hight level? Because im level 25 now but on my old account i had lvl 52 i dont have the password and name for old ac, But on actual account i dont have lots of money and lvl 25 is not good. I will be very happy if i could help.

PS: I wantched on forum and there isnt Czech forum so i could look on it :)

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Hey Jiras.

Im sorry to dissapoint you, but testers dont get stuff or levels on the liveserver. We just fish there like everyone else.

If you are interested in beta testing on the test-server you can always send an email to support@fishingplanet.com with your motivations.

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