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No more day 1 premium

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I dont know where your looking or if maybe different on pc to ps4, but on premium page (between sport and player stats) its still exactly the same premium 1 day 1.69GBP, 3 day 3.69GBP etc exactly the same as its always been since as long as i can remember. Also p2w (play to win) is definitly not the case, i dont bother with premium and i know others that dont yet still get wins and regular good scores also catch the same amount of fish as others with premium. Premium is nothing more than a little extra cash/xp which isnt realy needed in this game if you can spare a couple of hours each time you play

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8 hours ago, SabiScs said:

I think he talking about the free 1day premium for the first day.

Ahh maybe. Do you mean the 1where i think it was something like level 4 reward?? Yeh apollogies if that is the case, 50% extra for 1 day though thats only an extra half a day needed to get the same amount. Texas is a grind with or without premium regardless

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