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License in-game time

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Hello. I've been playing this game since mid 2015 and there's something I always didn't like, and it's the licenses running out of time based on real life time.  A lot of players can't spend too much time playing the game, and some of us don't even have access to a computer during the week.

What I suggest is basing the license deadline on in-game time and not real life. Or maybe a 1 day license, make it so you have 7 real days to use it (or something like that). It's really annoying because if you can only play a day or two a week, you end up losing money every time you decide to go to a high level waterway.

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Problem with this idea is a lot of us fish multiple days in a row at the same spot and jump through days to prep for competitions. I get your thought process but no practice could be had if we we paying for the travel and license to get 10 days into a lake to get proper weather for a comp. 

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