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[Steam] Virtual Bass Open

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Dear friends! Summer is here at long last...and for many of us that’s the “it” time of the year for fishing! And what better way to celebrate the start of summer angling season than to participate in our annual annual Bass sportfishing tournament, Virtual Bass Open!

Taking place in June, this year it’s meant to honor the occasion of Father’s Day - the perfect holiday to spend celebrating the symbolic and deep meaning of the sacred father-and-son connection by doing some good ’ol fishing!

Register to enter the Virtual Bass Open, a fun and challenging competitive fishing journey that will take you through some of North America’s best fishing destinations! First you’ll go from the blue aquatic vastness of Michigan’s beautiful Saint-Croix Lake to the endless weedy wetlands of Florida’s Everglades and the curvy banks of Missouri’s Mudwater River in the three Qualifiers, then on to the wide shores of North Carolina’s Neherrin River for the Semifinal Round...and finally, if you’re lucky, you’ll head straight to Louisiana’s swampy Quanchkin Lake for the Grand Finale, in which 20 toughest and most skilled Bass anglers will face each other in an epic showdown for the title of VBO Champion and many valuable prizes! 

Virtual Bass Open will be held June 11th through June 16th, with the Registration starting on June 10th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier.

The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

10th of June - Registration for the Tournament begins.
11th of June - Qualifier 1 on Lake Saint-Croix in Michigan.
12th of June - Qualifier 2 on Florida’s Everglades.
13th of June - Qualifier 3 on Missouri’s Mudwater River. 
15th of June - Semifinal Round on Neherrin River in North Carolina. 
16th of June - the Grand Finale on Quanchkin Lake in Louisiana.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get special Virtual Bass Open's Pack

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