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Release Note 03.03: Motorboats Update


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Hi, anglers!

We are excited to present you our new update! Here you can find detailed information about what are waiting for you. Explore and be ready for new adventures!

1. Motorboats

Now you can enjoy three new types of motorboats that have unique speed, durability and vary in other params and features.

Metal flat bottomed motorboats.

Slow, cheap, but extremely durable boats. You can rent the basic metal boat. However, the other ones will be equipped with sonars and better engines



Rubber inflatable motorboats.

These motorboats come with three various sonar options that vary by color themes, speed readings and fish tracking parameters. There are also boats with different engine powers.



Bassboats are equipped with the best bassboat edition sonars and can develop the highest speed of all motorboats. Also, some bassboats feature, along with a trolling motor, an additional sonar installed in the front part, so that you could look for fish without having to get behind the steering wheel.



You can purchase all types of motorboats in the in-game shop and enjoy them on the following waterways:

  • Emerald Lake
  • Falcon Lake
  • San Joaquin Delta
  • Saint Croix Lake
  • White Moose Lake
  • Tiber River
  • Sander Baggersee Lake
  • Akhtuba River

A basic edition of metal flat bottomed motorboat is also available for rent at all of these waterways. Please note that only one type of boat (metal boat or kayak) may be rented at a time!

Types of Sonars

As mentioned before all motorboats purchased in the shop may be equipped with different types of sonars that vary by color themes, speed readings and fish tracking parameters.

Basic - shows bottom shape and structure and works on slow speed. Color theme: monochrome.


Advanced - shows bottom shape and structure as well as fish. Works on slow and middle speed. Color theme: monochrome


Pro - shows fish as well as bottom shape and structure in high resolution. Works on slow, middle and high speeds. Color theme: colorful.


Also there is a special edition sonar for the bassboat that corresponds to the Pro sonar characteristics but can work on higher speeds.



2. Missions

There have been added two new sets of missions: Exploration and Mastering for you to profound your angling skills and fully enjoy professional fishing.

Explore every part of the proposed rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Combining any fishing equipment and gear available to you, assemble a complete collection of fish species available for fishing and get the title of an explorer of each of the available places!

Use your skills to catch Bass, Pikes, Trouts, Salmons, Catfish, Carps, and other ones that cause envy because of their size and power of opponents, and who often find themselves too tough for most anglers!

Show off your expert angling skills by masterfully comply tasks!

3. New lures added: try fishing with Jerkbaits and three type of Minnows - Deep Runner, Hunched Runner and Triple Runner

4. Changed access levels for Emerald and Rocky Lake. Now small mounting Rocky Lake unlocking on Level 5. Emerald Lake with rental motorboat unlocking on Level 8. Some tackles and lures also change access level.

5. Fish Float biting behavior improved. Various unique portraits of behavior added for different fish species

6. UI improvements

7. Added Traditional Chinese localization

8. Сomplex bugfix

9.New Motorboat Packs: Metalhead Motorboat Pack and Daredevil Motorboat Pack will be available later. 


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Will there be updates for xbox one version too? Started to play this game the day it was released for xbox and i have to say it is the best fishing game i have ever played. I love fishing in real life, this game is pure gold for a fisherman :)

Hope for future updates for xbox

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12 hours ago, Carpman99 said:

Short answer : Yes.

Long answer : It has been mentioned in another recent thread that FP stated in a discussion on FP FB that Xbox is currently a basic version and more features will be added in upcoming patches/updates. 



Yeah they specifically mentioned that boats and carp fishing will be in the first update for Xbox version.

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Do the boat sonars actually find fish as i am told fish are only spawned in the water when we throw our lines in.

I play on ps4 and my boat sonar never shows fish on screen just before i catch one and when i beached my boat on land my sonar was still showing fish on land?.

If fish are spawned in at our hooks after we throw our line out then how does  boat sonars detect fish that are not spawned in water yet?.

Thank you


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