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Adjusting your reeling speed while the lure is flying


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Please, can u guys look into this again? It's still not working for me for the spinning rods. As of now, one can only adjust the reeling speed once the lure is actually in the water.

It's not possible to adjust it before you do the cast, and it's not possible to adjust it while the lure is flying.

Casting rods work fine. Not too sure about match, feeder, and bottom rods, but it's not really as big of a matter on those, I guess 😊

(Talking about PS4 here.)

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Run into same problem. Casting reels can adjust speeds at any time. Spinning reels, only after lure is in the water. In shallow water, I let it sink, adjust speed and drag, then take deep breath.  That way when you start your retrieve have the right settings in the strike zone. There is no reason that casting reels and spinning reels are different.  Then again, It could be a computer coding problem.  

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