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[PS4] Rod stand: rods being put away randomly


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Hello guys,

here's a bug that bugs me a lot in the last couple of weeks / months:

When you're fishing with match / bottom or carp rods, every time you catch a fish, get a snag, or for some other reason reel in your line, there's a chance of your character putting the rod away randomly. I haven't found a real pattern to this, so I don't know why this keeps happening, or what is triggering this. But it is very annoying. Especially if you're handling 4 rods, and have to re-equip your rod every time you catch a fish.

I recorded a short video of a session in Michigan - fishing for pike and muskie, to "showcase" what I mean. I tried to fast forward the un-interesting parts as best as I could. It'd be great if you could look into this, and find out why this keeps happening.


P.S.: The bug is not limited to Michigan, or any specific waterway.

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