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Poor Graphics Quality


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Thanks for getting this F2P version out to XB1!

I was wondering that why is it that XB1 seems to have substantially inferior rendering quality for graphichs than PS4 or PC? I've tried setting up my XB1 to use either 1080p or 1440p in the device's video settings, but that doesn't help at all. The image is blurry and very pixelated. Compared to some videos of PS4 content for this game the XB1 version seems to suffer from stuttering and inferior rendering. I'm yet to test the game with 4K resolution so can't say anything about that. 

Here's a link to some first XB1 gameplay video: Link to video

Here's a link to some PS4 gameplay video: Link to video

What I'd like to emphasis is to for example look at line rendering and menus. XB1 is really choppy while PS4 is smooth and crisp.


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On ‎7‎/‎16‎/‎2019 at 2:45 AM, Marshall_Maz said:

Same issue as with all games. The XB1 is weaker than PS4 and all games looks worse on XB1. It's only on the XB1X with titles that is X enhanced that games looks ok. But for standard XB1 almost all games looks worse than on PS4

Xbox is NOT weaker , as a matter of fact all xbox versions usually have a higher speed processer across the board than PS.


Please educated yourself a little better before putting out false opinions of what you "think".

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11 minutes ago, W3M4NN said:

I got the problem on Xbox X too.

 hope for an huge update for every part of this game !hurry please !love this game 

Me too, the game now is for me 8/10. Better graphics will make it a 10. I dont say it has to be amazing graphics, just better.

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