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Fishing rods

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Have you managed to assemble your rod setup yet? Setting up should (is probably best) done at home. You want to select the Inventory tab, select the little green man, this is where you fit items like your tackle box, vest and keeper net/stringer from home storage. To assemble a rod select a number next to that green man (1 for instance), select the home storage tab and select the rods and reels icon. Select the rod you wish to use and drag it across to the rod outline (it should highlight), next select the reel and also drag it to the highlighted area. You then select then Line icon and drag across the line you wish to use. The tackle is now required to be added before you can use your setup and this depends on the type of rod it is (Spinning, Float (telescopic/match), Casting, Feeder, Bottom or Carp). It is important that you have a balanced setup (e.g. Rod: Line weight 1.5 - 4kg, Reel: Max drag 4kg or less, Line : Test 3.6kg or less than the reels max drag). Hope this helps (or that you have already sorted this all out). Tight lines.      

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