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Hi I was trying to figure out a way to email you guys because I came up with this idea while playing the game and I just had to find a way to tell you guys. I have been playing for a short amount of time and I was just wondering if you’ve ever thought of added a “private pond” that was unlocked on level 20, for example. And you could spend money to stock the pond with certain fish, the amount of one species of fish you put in would change the likeliness that you catch that fish/ the quicker you catch that fish. This would allow people to have a more realistic fishing experience as if you were on a lake  and the fishing is more technical and harder to catch fish or it could feel like those small farm ponds that are stocked to the brim and you are just piling them in. I personally think this would work if you made these fish not give you any currency but only experience points this way people can level up as they fish but won’t be able to find a way to make “unlimited money” by cheating. Also to make the stocking more realistic the fish can have spawning seasons which can increase the amount of one species in your pond, but also have fish kills due to heat or problems within your pond. And certain species that don’t get along could cause the number of each fish in your pond to drop due to fighting each other. 


Another thing that you could allow people to do is choose what vegetation grows in your pond so it can give cover for certain species of fish. Also allowing us anglers to release critters like crayfish and frogs could change the effectiveness of lures. For example, let’s say I have a pond with bass in it and I release a ton of frogs into the pond, the base would be more attractive to a frog lures compared to a spoon or a shad.


Lastly you could give us the ability to customize the landscape. We could have a cabin/ house next to the pond, this could act as “home storage” so you can quickly change tackle and fish multiple species. Inside the cabin could have a bed in it to make changing times quick and easy so you could catfish and night and go after bluegill or bass in the early mornings. And a cool feature could be to have a trophy case inside the house that showcases previously won competitions and tournaments. Also you could pay extra to add a boat ramp so you can throw your kayak or boat in the water to make more of the pond accessible.


Also I was thinking a good spot for this place would be like Illinois or Tennessee.

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