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Why is Xbox One so far behind PC and PS4?


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Hey all, I recently started playing this game and love every minute of it! I recently found out that the Steam and PS4 versions of the game are ahead of Xbox in patches and even have motor boats now and better DLC. I wish I would have known that before hand as I would have played on PC instead. I'm closing in on Lv 30 and have spent some real life money on the game, so for me, switching isnt an option now. 

So when can we expect Xbox version to catch up to PC and PS4? Judging by what I've seen on this forum, the dev's arent very good at keeping the community informed on updates and patches.


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Game comes out late on xbox think its a problem to get the sane thinks work without trouble on the box grafix and stuff becouse they have to program for 3 one/s/x  and that takes a bit but after all i think we get our stuff in good conditions not so mush bugs couse they know thinks from ps and pc..give them a bit time ...i cant wait too i love this game .

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