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Cool down time help

GoW Butters

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So when I fast forward to 9pm to do some night fishing there is a cooldown before I can skip again. (That's fine). So when I get to 11pm and the peak fishing has stopped and I want to skip to 2am I can't because there is a timer.

However I thought during night hours there is no affect on cooldown time. So why can't I skip from 11pm to 2am without waiting for the timer? Or am I just missing something?


Any help would be great. Thanks.

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The timer you see running is from when you fast forwarded to 9pm. You have to either wait for that to expire or spend one baitcoin in order to start skipping from night to night with no cooldown timer. Just make sure you skip to the next night before the clock hits 5am or you'll have to do the above over again. 

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