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I’ve posted on here before and have yet to get a reply. I LOVE fishing planet on Xbox one but noticed it’s FAR behind PC/PS4. My biggest question is WHEN will Xbox one get boats?! Secondly, WHERE is the best place to find information related to fishing planets Xbox one roadmap, updates, etc. thanks.

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Am 30.8.2019 um 11:19 PM schrieb LUXLUX:

W3M4NN hows that related to fishing planet??

Sorry iplayd fisching planet a lot love it.but its not so cool to play at xbox when you see all the cool things at other Systems and in my mind i await the update with motor boats ..... i wanna  play this befor gears 5 comes out ..becouse i would play this game and then i got no more timw for FP for weeks.hope you can follow my idea. Have a nice day 😃

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