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Event #6 - Mastering Michigan Trout - Running

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Hi mdram, maybe this will help.  First you need to make sure the Steam Overlay is activated in your Steam settings at the IN-Game tab.  I'm starting to catch a cold, so please bear with me.


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I am new to Steam, level 0 (mid- 2017),  and that makes you unable to use the share pics option,  its called Eso system to prevent I guess people never did buy anything to flood the Steam interface with their things. I, eventually, agree that, only it is not stated clearly anywhere on Steam, spent a lot of time trying to solve what I was thinking to be a bug. I have another comments but its off-topic in this thread matter which is a very interesting way to comp as we call in Europe "enduro".  have a nice day.

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This is disappointing and some may have taken off work to start this.   However, there may be a very good reason for the delay.   That being said, as for PH_Trulight to the stocks with him!!  Rotten tomatoes and stones for sale by Treebeard, Scappy, and Hilrond.   Sorry Trulight, I couldn't resist.  lol 

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