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PS4. Update 1.05. Kayaks, Topwater, Nightfishing, new Competitions.


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Hooray, anglers!

We’re thrilled to tell you about our most recent and much awaited update with amazing new features, including KAYAKS, TOPWATER and NIGHTFISHING, as well as new line and lure physics! We have also added THREE new fish species and 8 new Topwater and Nightfishing Competitions!

(New Packs with Kayaks and Topwater and Nightfishing tackle will be available after 10am PST in American PSN Store and after 12am UTC in European PSN Store.)

Main highlights

  • Boat Fishing

You can rent a kayak right now and head boat fishing on either of these 5 waterways:



White Moose Lake

Lake Saint Croix

San Joaquin Delta

Boat pins have been added on local maps, so you know where kayaks are on the waterways.

Another cool thing that awaits you is lots of new water access points on Emerald Lake, White Moose Lakes, Saint Croix and San Joaquin! This means a fresh look at your favorite waterways and new places to explore and set off with your kayak from!


  •  THREE new fish species!  Now you can catch:

Sauger on Emerald Lake,


Clear Muskie on Saint Croix,

Lake Whitefish on White Moose Lake!

  • Topwater :

We created new topwater fishing lures: Walkers, Poppers and Frogs.


Two new retrieves added: Popping and Walking.

Substantial changes to line and lure physics.


  • Night Fishing:

Changes to fishing Licenses: Night Fishing is permitted only with Advanced Licenses.

Changes made to the shift between fishing days: your catch in the fishkeeper is sold at 5 a.m. every next morning. This means you can keep fishing all night long!

New fish activity charts for nighttime added.

New tackle for fishing in the dark: rods with fluorescent tips, that let you see the fish bite even in total darkness!

We also added holographic lures of different weights snd sizes: luminescent Cranks and glow in the dark soft lures: Craws, Worms and Shads.


A wider selection of glow-in-the-dark floats: now slim and pear-shaped floats added.

New unique fishing cap with flashlight that you can get for completing the new "Night Shift" challenge.


  • 8 new Competitions to add more thrills and competitive drive to Topwater and Night Fishing:

Moonlight Gars


Dancing with Pike

Cats 'n Nightcatchers

Muskie Topping

Sturgeon in the Dark

Steelhead Showdown

Midnight Salmon Galore

Kaniq Topwater Rodeo

All of these new cool competitive events are of course based on different fish species - from Gars to Sturgeon - that you have to catch either at nighttime or using exclusively topwater techniques and tackle! You can test your skills on the following waterways: San Joaquin Delta, Saint-Croix Lake, Kaniq Creek, Quanchkin Lake.

The next update is new topwater and nightfishing lures were added to the X-SERIES™ professional tackle line - that you can only obtain as a well-earned reward for your in-game fishing achievements, like winning in the Competitions!
  • New animation for underwater lure indicator.
  • New Ardix match rod and LineGlider spinning reel added.
  • Level requirement changes made for Brutus rods as well as reels of Hornet Swarm and Espira DoublePunch series.
  • Retrieves system has been reworked.
  • Last selected rod now is saved.
  • Pitching flag for each floating rod will be saved during pond session as well.
  • Last selected in inventory rod will be automatically taken in game when you leave inventory
  • Auto selecting first equipped rod when last used was disassembled
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16 hours ago, SmokinRoses said:

I don't see how dragging your lure a crossed the bottom of the lake, can let you control your lure. I'm not a fan of the "New retrieval" system. It messed up fishing for me and my friends. There's no way of making the lure do it's normal keeping off the bottom. I don't know why you guys wanted to change it. -_-

I like how lures are working now. It is a lot more natural and how it actually works. 

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