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Emerald lake?


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When I used to fish there I used night/glow shads (at night), blue worms and my goto for walleye was an amber grub - lots of others work as well. Cast straight out from the dock but you need to get out into the deeper water towards the back of the lake. During the day the walleye mainly sit on the bottom but at night they tend to move around a bit more and may move into the shallows particularly along the reeds to the right from the dock.

I usually just cast out from the dock towards the hole in the trees at the other end of the lake into the deeper water and let it sink right to the bottom and then use a slow one or two speed retrieve bouncing it along the bottom.  I used a jig winner with 3.6 kg braid if I remember correctly perhaps with a fluoro trace, use barbless hooks if you have some. Sometimes at night you can even get them on the drop as the lure sinks into the deeper water.

The Walleye bite best when it's raining and at night. They are slow to bite on sunny days.

If you get a Kayak it opens up more possibilities and you may need it to get the zander.

I did most of the grinding at Emerald to get me to level 30 and onto St Croix, but the other trout lakes before you go to St Croix are really fun also. I really liked to just use the jig winner on most of those lakes but you can also fish for the trout at the other lakes and the walleye with a float and minnows etc so maybe mix it up a bit to have a bit more fun.  

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