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Harder fish fights after last update?


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[Steam, PS4]
Release Note:

- Possibility to use rod stand in the Mighty Carp tournament added (is not available on Xbox and Win10 yet).
- What's new inactive buy button icon colour fix.
- Tutorial fix: time forwarding, equipment change panel being able to be shown on some occasions
- Action zones now disabled on rod stands during a fish fight. Now all interactions with rods on rod stand while landing fish are available only with hot-keys.
- Improper cut lines panel appearing on rod template creation fix.
- Tackle load calculation bug, which gave the ability to reel in huge fish on the light tackle fix.
- Now friend avatar images are correctly displayed

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I like the use of rod stand but having a look at rules for tourney it does not specify if it is 1 2 3 or 4 that u can  use so it would not be fair to the people that don't have  the lvl requirement for a 4 or 3 .also looking at rules it says carp rods plural so how many can I use lol . probs just 1 

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I don't mind that the fish are tougher to bring in,gives a much better feeling of accomplishment,what I do mind is the constant bait eaten or stolen when u have 2 or more rods running at the same time,i run 3 bait and 1 lure,when u lose 2-3 fish from the bait eaten or stolen message it becomes total BS,some of these baits are not cheap to just give it away because are fighting harder fish

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