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When at home (the World map) select the SHOP tab, then select the TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT tab and select ROD CASES. Choose a rod case appropriate for your level and amount of money you have. The Hobby Gear case is the starter case, make sure it is selected and press BUY. Select the INVENTORY tab then the HOME tab and then the cardboard box icon (3rd from bottom icon running almost down the middle of the screen) and also the little green man icon near the top left of the screen. Left click and drag your Hobby gear case to the highlighted area on the mannequin (avatar). There now should by a 1 and 2 next to the little green man, these are your rod slots. Suggest you do the same thing for TACKLE BOXES and WAISTCOATS.

This is about step by step as I can do, hope it helps or points you in the right direction at least.         

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It costs nothing to travel home, suggest staying where you are and fishing until your licence expires. Once you're home, think about getting an unlimited Advanced licence for Lonestar, Texas (if you don't have it already). Then as long as you have some light fishing tackle and a Keeper/Stringer you can always make a little money (travelling to Texas is free) should you get stuck.  

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