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Competitions getting cancelled?

GoW Butters

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Guess over time things went stail.  If u buy the premium will be able to co op comps hope over  20 tho.  So many people dont try due to same people winning they must make winning more random an way more unpredictable .  Key word Unpredictable thats what makes Fishing so great.   Irl open day trout fishing we are all excited of the unpredictable chance of catching fish. In my experience if u beat the same hole up by casting in the same spot over n over with same bait it gets old right?    Thats the key thing with the game .   Guess its called re spawning  fish should spawn in all different spots

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@Devs, please consider removing this restriction of minimum participants applied. Two nights in a row waiting for an event that eventually got cancelled due to 18 and 19 participants... 
Why is this restriction even there in the first place - competitions where less than 20 people actually joining still counts - so what is the point?

Does it really matter if we are 5, 10 or 20+ people competing? Other than actually having a chance of winning a competition I see no real difference!

Thanks for a great game!

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