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May be a noob question but what’s the best way to get a balanced rod, reel and line set up, 

Is it best to have for example 35lb line, a rod with max line rating 35lb, a reel with 35lb max drag? Or do u go for a higher max drag reel ? 

Also I have a reel with max drag 49.2lb will 50lb line be ok on it? 

How do u tell the max line rating on a reel? Is it the max drag? 

Many thanks in advance for your help 

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13 minutes ago, theskeindhu said:

Conventional wisdom says to go with the rod being the strongest, followed by the reel, followed by the line, followed by the leader, when applicable. 

Absolutely right IRL! But in the game I prefer a reel stronger little than a rod, because the cost of repairing a rod cheaper than repairing a reel. IMO, of course.

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