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May be a noob question but what’s the best way to get a balanced rod, reel and line set up, 

Is it best to have for example 35lb line, a rod with max line rating 35lb, a reel with 35lb max drag? Or do u go for a higher max drag reel ? 

Also I have a reel with max drag 49.2lb will 50lb line be ok on it? 

How do u tell the max line rating on a reel? Is it the max drag? 

Many thanks in advance for your help 


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Usually I try to use a rod a reel and a line with the same characteristics. Of course, I may use a reel with higher max drag, in this case the main load is taken by the rod and the line. And that's ok for me because the line is the cheapest part of tackle and the cost of repairing the rod is cheaper, than the cost of reel repairing. And this kind of tackle works optimally.

Also u may use a line with higher rating for the reel than optimal, but casting will be shorter in this case.

Optimal line rating you can see in the description of a reel, for example, for Hornet Swarm 5000 capacity: mono 0.5/100, braid 0.28/170 (metric). However for Thora 290 rod (line weight 3.5 - 9.5 kg) my favorite is: Hornet Swarm 5000 (Max Drag 9.5 kg) and fluoro 0.4 mm with test 9.1 kg. Works perfect.

Something like this.


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