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Weeping Willow Bugs


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Theskeindhu, Steam. 24 and 25 September. Multiple bugs found which repeated themselves twice on two different gaming sessions. The first manifest with time stopping on the game clock. No bites, no time moving, stuck on the same time. Chat still working. Exited to menu and back to game, all rods got bites and time worked. Upon striking the reel wouldn't reel at all, on all 4 rods. Exited to menu and back, didn't fix the problem. Eventually it began to feel and then the second error I was unable to keep the fish, clicking "keep fish" was locked with no response. This happened on two separate occasions. Both times a hard reset seemed to fix the problem. 


Effects on gameplay, aside irritation and having to reset/quit to desktop included losing all Spod that was already out and having to remix and cast Spod wasting valuable in game resources. 

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