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To everyone, 

Please have a look at the situation and correct it if possible ASAP. 

Whenever I and I think others as well go to kayak fishing and anchor down our kayak to fish for there is a big screen movement back n forth all over the screen specially right and left. Those who has motion sickness they will fill more sick.

I know dev team tried to look more realistic but in real life we don't get to see our sky back n forth which is happening ATM inside the game. If you guys like a proof I would love to help u with that. 

So is it just me or everyone else is having the same during the kayaking or kayak fishing. 

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1 minute ago, papubino said:

noticed d shaking after you caught 1..rectified it by pulling anchor and setting it again

You mean to say when it happens I have to ⚓ up then ⚓ down again. 

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