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Hilrond Memorial Community Event

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We will be hosting another Community Event for the Fishing Planet Community (PC Only Steam).

This competition is in memory of two friends we lost this year.  Alex, one of the original FP development team, and PH_Hilrond, long-time leader of ProHookers and a well respected and much loved member of the FP community.  Both lost their battles with cancer and will be truely missed by those of us whose lives they touched. 
The event will start Friday, October 11, 12:01 pm EDT and end on Friday, October 18 at 11:59 am EDT.  We will be fishing in Louisianna (Quanchkin Lake) for Alligator Gar, Bowfin, and Bluegill.  The biggest fish of each species caught during the event time may be entered.   (NOTE:  You must be registered on the Fishing Planet forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form.) 
Take a screen shot of your fish in your hand with the full UI.  At the start of the event we will post a code to be typed in the chat window when you take your screen shot.     Your Steam Screen Shot links MUST end in /?id=xxxxxxxxxxxx!  AT THE END OF THE EVENT ENTRIES WITH INCORRECT SCREEN SHOT LINKS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!  Watch the video below. 
You can use any tackle.  Rod Stands are NOT allowed.  The fish weight (must be in pounds, so use you must use the Imperial setting in-game) also, the weight and screen shots of each of your fish need to be put on the Entry Form within an hour of the fish being caught.   Please keep in mind that the Entry Form will be closed immediately at the end of the event.  
A link to the Entry Form and Standings Page will be posted at the start of the Event.  As you catch bigger fish you can edit your entry on the entry form.  Scoring will be done by average, the total weight of your fish divided by 3 will be your score.   
Fish caught during official in-game competitions will not count.   (NOTE:  You must be registered on the forums and also have a Google Account to be able to utilize the Entry Form)  
Prizes:  Metalhead Boat DLC’s, Daredevil Boat DLC’s, Carp Lord DLC's and Golden Dragon DLC's.  1st place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice, 3rd place gets third choice and the remaining DLC will be given by random draw from 4th place to 25th place (must have one fish of each species entered to qualify).  
Entry Form:  https://forms.gle/DqoQEstMSRsWYw3S6   (closed) 
Standings Page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1628MsTylRtpCrTZvm5MJqHtHyweb2WIBY0uCqkIAeOQ/edit?ts=5d83cebe#gid=368887694
Screen shot video: (one change to the video, in the video it says hit the Tab key to go into the chat box.  Now, you have to put your cursor into the chat box and left click.) 

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Thank you to all who participated... it was a grand turn-out for Hilrond.

Congratz to the winners: DFA_CupOfJoe, PH_Speedy and PH_WarlordSully.  

Random Draw winner:  FU_Jukeboxknocks.

 Sully donated his DLC to the random draw:  gratz to J_3.

Tight Lines,


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Thanks a lot Sully, that was nice of you. 😃
And thanks to PH for hosting this event, fun as usual even if using imperial :P
Special thanks to Hilrond and Alex for all you've done. A lot of love to their friends and family. ❤️ 

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