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Welcome Halloween 2019: CURSE OF THE FRANKENFISH

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Hey, Anglers! Get ready for Halloween’s horrifying fishing and frightful adventures!

This awesome event is waiting for you on Steam, PS4 and XB1!

  • Complete dreadfully creepy missions to catch the abominable Frankenfish and get the unique Monstrosity Kayak as a reward!
  • Hunt for Ghost Pikes, Mutant Gars and Skeleton Bluegills to complete cool Halloween challenges.
  • Look for Tombstones and Vicious Pumpkins to get some awesome angling loot!

The event will be  active until 6 a.m. UTC, November 4.

Behold the abominable Frankenfish - a scary and gruesome monster-fish boss that came to life as a result of a bizarre prank-gone-wrong!


This frightful monster will devour anything alive, even humans! So it’s up to you to go on an epic adventure to summon and defeat the horrid beast:

Retrieve the Book of Recipes from the Quanchkin Witch to brew the summoning potion! 


Find the magic Witching Cauldron somewhere on the islands of San Joaquin and get all of the ingredients!


Brew the Summoning Potion to summon and defeat the Frankenfish!



*It is only three of a bunch of Halloween's missions you need to complete.


Only you can put an end to its bloody rule once and for all! Conquer the monster to get the unique Monstrosity Kayak as a reward!


Also do not forget to Set out on a night hunt after the mysterious glowing Ghost Pike,


catch terrifying Skeleton Bluegills,



and fierce Monster Gars:

  • the Albino Yeti Gar


  • Green Ogre Gar


  • Black Vampire Gar



Be careful, because all fish monsters are going out for a hunt at night!

We also have plenty of cool tackle like the Ghost Reel™ 4000 spinning reel and the SpookySpin™ 260 spinning rod with a glow-in-the-dark tip, as well as creepy lures like the Bony Shad, Spider Spoon, and Slimy Crank and Halloween pumpkin jellies Candy bait!



You can rent a special Coffin Kayak - available only for the duration of the Halloween event!



And make sure to find all the Jack-o-lanterns and graves hidden at various fishing destinations to claim your daily prizes!



Yep, this year’s CURSE OF THE FRANKENFISH Halloween promises to be a real adventure quest that’ll scare you out of your fishing wits!

Welcome our new Missions  - Fish Monsters! 

Dare to fight and conquer all 12 monsters!

  • Lone Star Mad-Eye Buffalo Monster


  • Mudwater Dendrofin Monster


  • Emerald Pikeslasher Monster


  • Rocky T-Rex Trout Monsters


  • Neherrin River Eldergar Monster


  • Falcon Rainbow Outlaw Monster


  • Everglades Terror Tarpon Monster


  • White Moose Lake Voodoo Fish Monster


  • Quanchkin Zombie Cat Monster


  • Saint-Croix Muskie Golem Monster


  • San Joaquin Gourmet Bass Monster


  • Kaniq Creek Albino Blackfish Monsters


                Enjoy your chance to get a whole bundle of goods including all the terminal tackle, equipment and licenses you need! 
Spooky Fishing Pack will help conquer the Frankenfish and complete all Halloween missions!

Steam    American PSN Store   European PSN Store    Xbox



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30 minutes ago, Warsteiner said:

Will this be simultaneous for The Fisherman or is this just a FP event so far ?

Halloween missions have already started in The Fisherman also.

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3 hours ago, FPdimsam said:

I may note that missions in The Fisherman are different from missions in Fishing Planet!😃

Different Missions? both games have the same Fish Monsters mission!😂😂

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One thing that bothers me is rewards the jacket and takle box should scale with level in my opinion. I also believe bait coins jackets should scale as well with tackle slots Reason being once u have mr pockets who wants to scale down in takle spots for these bait coins or reward jackets. Please make them scale with level that way there worth getting for the higher levels. 

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have to agree on this the sports jackets do not carry enough equipment slots to make them viable to wear and the cat rods need replacing to im sorry but at 34lb test on the rod is just not enough I ditched mine for the brutus and that rod struggles now to lol  I think they have to be up to scratch or no one will want to buy them tbh

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It is terrible waste to have all these nice jackets and hats that you will not use due low tackle carrying capacity. It certainly would be good if you could upgrade them (for credits) to the maximum allowed and allow headlamps to be added to the hats without one (also for credits).

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Can you still get the frankenfish...I just started playing a few weeks ago and have caught all but two of the monster fish, my next lake is in California. I don't see frankenfish mission as an option.

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No special event fish are all timed mission or events . The only ones that Aren't are those monster mission . I believe the next event will be St Patty's day event .


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