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It's the orange one

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So after using them all, I see no difference really between the rental/blue/red kayaks - the power bar goes down when you paddle, they can be capsized by big fish and the speeds are so marginally different as to be irrelevant. Yes, you can still keep paddling after ' sprint ' paddling, but..

The orange one however, I haven't capsized it yet and the power bar doesn't deplete while paddling normally. Meaning you can save your power for the final sprint to beat your friend to ' the spot '.

It is slightly slower upon first inspection, or so it would seem, but in reality it's the fastest to get you where you want to go.

Pretty sure I can capsize it if I try hard enough ;-)

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so tried kayaks 4 the first time in ny..it's fun and really a good addition and update, made me laugh at 1 point..cant't paddle out if your anchord but a 1.5kg walleye can pull you out lol

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