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Have the bugs been fixed in Fisherman?

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Hey guys,

Since me and my friends are still unsure about buying the game, I was curious if any of you guys from the community can give me some feedback on the bugs in the F2P version, and if they have been fixed for the Fisherman:

Has anyone gotten the point in leveling where they can use rod-stands yet? Can you maybe answer some of the following questions?

- The problem with the rods being put away randomly / after each reeling in - has it been fixed?

- The crazy lags after 30/60 minutes in-game, fishing with several rods and a rod-stand, are they still present?

- The bug where it changes your reeling speed every time you put a rod in the rod stand on slot 1 & 3, is it still present?

- What about the strength of the fish? Are they the same as in the current F2P version?

- When you un-equip a PVA bag from a carp rod, does it still also remove your sinker?

Any other bugs you noticed that got fixed? Maybe some that are still present, or maybe even new?

I'm thankful for any insights. Most of the stuff I could find on YouTube is just returning players leveling up again, going for redear sunfish and shit.. 😄 

Haven't really heard anything about making especially the PS4 players' experience any better by fixing annoying bugs..

I know about the crazy BC repair costs for DLC gear.. but how many BCs do you usually get for a uni? More like 4 or more like 30?

Thanks guys!

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