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fighting fish patch

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seriously using a float rod a maxed out 1 it takes 15 to 20 mins game time to land a sturge and a cat in mich its stupid patch I hate it cant fish on float now just isn't viable and not nice tbh 

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seriously what happened to uni fish at uni times,is uber sheet dead? can't figure out why you would nerf fish in all lakes and it's like everything i've learned to do in this game has been thrown out the window,this game was great now i come on and am lucky to fill half my net or less,just like when the bottom rods came out,that was great and rod stands,then i have some of the best rods and reels in game and after one of the patches it started,it takes sometimes 20 minutes to bring a fish in,can somebody explain like are you still adjusting the new bite system or is this it,i can't follow what is happening in game.are there still peak hours,if not how does it work.i gotta tell you when the boats,rod stands and bottom rods came out i thought i'd be on this game for years to come,i can see trying to make it as real as possible but remember it still is a game,let people enjoy it.can't you make it so the fish spawn off of the old uni times and then they spread out into the lake or river,this way all the stuff out there is still active and everybody could be happy,keep it like it's always been but add to it just don't throw it all out the window and say hey you gotta start all over figuring this out again.if you guys are watching in game most people are still fishing in the same spots as before.alot of people only have a certain amount of time to come on and fish,they don't have time to try and figure this out all over again and who wants too.if i can come on for 1 hour and i want to catch uni muskie with the old system i could,we could decide what we wanted to fish for in that hour,that's why i would pay for premium every year cus i was happy,i don't want to come on and stare at the water i want to catch fish and in real life you would have a favorite spot to fish in,where you thought the big fish would be,well i had that with the old system,my favorite spot for that hour and if i didn't get the fish i wanted i would come back and keep trying to catch a better fish bigger than the last time,this is why i would come on to do,don't make the game harder than it should be,it's getting to complicated i want to have fun not come on and make it like working and frustrating.don't make it that you have to go to school to learn how to fish on this game,give me a rod,reel,line a hook and bait and let me do my thing,that's it,keep it fun and people will pay,i mean if you sell the game like most games it's around 60 dollars,if people are happy and buy a years premium every year i think you're making more money that way never mind the dlcs this is my opinion

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