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Developer Diaries: User Generated Competitions. Part 1

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Hello, anglers! 

It’s been a while since we last shared with you what we are working on. Today we’d like to talk about new functionality that is waiting for you in the upcoming release in the first half of November. This time we prepared for you a new type of Fishing Planet’s competitive events called User Competitions.  

Unlike all regular (automated) competitions, User Generated Competitions will be created by the anglers themselves. Players will also be able to finetune and adjust the multiple settings of these events, including rules, locations, time schedules and participants.

We designed a whole array of new tools to make it more comfortable for you to create and host just the perfect angling competitions and set  numerous parameters to your preferences:

  • Templates - players can either choose from one of the preexisting competitive templates, or create a completely new competition. 

  • Formats - there will be a number of formats for user competitions, depending on the type of competition:

    • Free For All - players aim at getting the highest personal score. 

    • Team Competition - participants are divided into two teams, and each player aims at getting the highest total team score. 

    • Duel - a one-on-one competition format. 

  • Privacy:

    • Open competition - the event is open to anyone

    • Private competition - the event is password protected.

  • Entry Fee - competition fee for those who wish to participate.

  • Initial Prize Pool - the amount of reward that the competition Host sets for the prize. 

  • Waterway for hosting the competition. 

  • Player LVLs that are admissible for participation. 

  • Maximum number of participants.

  • Setting for Duration and Start of the competition.

    • Manual Start - competition begins after the Host starts it manually. 

    • Scheduled Start - competition begins automatically at a set time. 

  • Game Time/Weather tuning. 

  • Qualifying Fish. 

  • Count of score points - either total fish caught or fish in the Keepnet. 

  • Set of scorekeeping Rulesets. 

  • Tackle Types that are required to use in order to earn score.

  • Choice of admissible equipment. 

Sponsored Competitions 

Aside from standard User Competitions, in the future there will also be Sponsored Competitions. These competitions have some special characteristics and might have unique sponsor rewards.

That’s all for now! We’ll share more details on how this functionality would work in our next issue of DD this Friday. Stay tuned!

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