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Welcome Grand Smallie's Cup 2019


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Bass fishing is quite an art of its own! And since Fishing Planet wants to help you become a more versatile bass angler, we decided to host a very special Bass tournament, dedicated entirely to Smallmouth Bass!


As any Bass angler knows, Smallies are angrier and much more fierce opponents than their Largemouth relatives, which makes the Tournament even more of a fun challenge! So whether you’re a mastermind Bass angler or just getting started in Smallmouth fishing, don’t hesitate to go on this competitive fishing journey for an exciting trip through some breathtaking fishing destinations - from the deep blue waters of Oregon’s Falcon Lake and the the mesmerizingly picturesque San Joaquin Delta in the sunny state of California in the two Qualifiers, to for the Semifinal Round on Michigan’s beautiful Saint-Croix Lake and over to the wide banks of North Carolina’s Neherrin River for the Grand Finale, in which 20 toughest and most skilled Smallmouth anglers will face each other in an epic showdown for the title of Smallmouth fishing Champion and many valuable prizes!

Grand Smallie’s Cup will be held November 20th through November 24th, with the Registration starting on November 18th.

The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

  • 18th of November - Registration for the Tournament begins.
  • 20st of November - Qualifier 1 on Lake Falcon in Oregon.
  • 21nd of November - Qualifier 2 San Joaquin Delta in California.
  • 23th of November - Semifinal Round on Michigan’s Lake Saint-Croix.
  • 24th of November - the Grand Finale on Neherrin River in North Carolina.


Do not lose your chance to use the best tackle possible to enjoy your fishing experience to the maximum and get the Grand Smallie’s Pack with the new tackle for the Tournament or any angling occasion!

Enjoy your chance to get a whole bundle of goods including all the terminal tackle, equipment and licenses you need!




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