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BIGBEN and Fishing Planet LLC studios are proud to announce The Fisherman – Fishing Planet is now available! Fishing lovers all over the world now can experience this all-in-one version of the hit free-to-play game Fishing Planet and its exclusive content on PC.

Discover The Fisherman – Fishing Planet launch trailer on Youtube:


The Fisherman – Fishing Planet is for all nature and sportfishing fans! The premium version of Fishing Planet, which sets the standard for fishing simulators and already boasts7 million players, combines all the content released to date in one package: the equivalent of more than 35 DLCs as well as features exclusive to this premium version of the game. By moving from a free-to-play model with paid content to a premium model, it guarantees players will be able to enjoy a complete and immersive experience.

Experience the most feature-complete and realistic fishing simulator, The Fisherman - Fishing Planet.


The Fisherman – Fishing Planet content:

  • 143 species of fish with realistic behavior
  • 19 beautiful water locations with authentic backgrounds and vegetation
  • Thousands of tackle combinations possible, each with unique properties
  • Dynamic weather with a day/night cycle and different seasons
  • Online competitions playable solo or co-op, with trophies and ranking system

Including exclusive contents:

  • 1 new waterway: La Creuse, in France
  • 1 new fishing technique: trolling
  • 4 new fish species to catch:

           - Common Nase – La Creuse, France

           - European Weatherfish - Lesní Víla Fishery, Czech Republic

           - Sterlet – Akhtouba River, Russia

           - Spotted Gar - Mudwater River, Missouri, USA

2 new motorboats:
           - «Garry Scott Taurus» boat
           - «Flaggmann Vega» boat


Grab your tackle, the season starts today on PC

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