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PS4. Update 1.06. Christmas Tournament and Event.


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Hey dear anglers!

This time we’d like to tell you the most sizable Tournament of the year - the Christmas Giant’s Tour!


This event isn’t about any particular kind of fish, the key rule here is: the bigger the better...and not just big...but GIGANTIC! Yep, we’re talking super-huge Trophy-sized monsters: Trout, Pike, Salmon, Burbot, Catfish, Muskies, Bass, Gar, Snook, Dolly Varden...the list can go on and on! It’s not the name, it's the size that matters. Yep, this is the big league, boys and girls and we’re doing some heavyweight fishing! Tight lines!

Christmas Giant’s Tour will be held December 19th through December 24th, with the Registration starting on December 18th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The CGT Tournament’s timetable is as follows:

18th of December - Registration for the Tournament begins.
19th of December - Qualifier 1 on on the snowy White Moose Lake way out in Canada.
20th of December - Qualifier 2 on on Michigan’s Saint-Croix Lake.
21st of December - Qualifier 3 on Florida’s Everglades.
23rd of December - Semifinal Round on the mesmerizingly beautiful Kaniq Creek in Alaska.
24th of December - the Grand Finale on California’s San Joaquin Delta.

And for all the big league boys and girls out there who are up to enjoying this supersized challenge, Santa’s got another present: the new Christmas Giant’s Pack! This exclusive Pack features a full selection of CGT Tournament-edition tackle with enormous potential to match the size of the occasion!

European Store                                      American Store



Christmas Event on PS4 will start tomorrow December 19. More details coming soon - follow the announcements.


Also the following updates have been implemented:

  • kayaks can be rented and used for travel in some competitions on the following waterways: Emerald Lake, White Moose Lake, San Joaquin Delta and partially Saint-Croix Lake.
    Please pay attention that same as before only fish caught from the shore scores in the competitions. Kayak competitions are in the development.
  • new Kayak challenges
  • new Night Fishing challenge

Bug fix:

  • line shaking when lying on steep slopes
  • rod clicks during draw-in animation
  • occasional line clicks when reeling in on high speed
  • improved anchored kayak stability
  • line physics improvements
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